Batman (1989)

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Batman (1989)

Release Date: 06/23/1989 (US)

Original Language    :    English
Release Date    :    06/23/1989 (US)
Genre    :    Fantasy, Action
Time    :    02 Hours 06 Minutes
Budget    :    $35,000,000.00
Revenue    :    $411,348,924.00

Movie: Batman (1989)[268] Batman must face his most ruthless nemesis when a deformed madman calling himself "The Joker" seizes control of Gotham's criminal underworld.

Rating:   IMDb  / 4.5

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Written by John Chard on July 29, 2016
Vision not fully realised, but still a template of sorts. It could never have lived up to the hype back in 1989, it was hailed as the film to rival the impact of "Jaws" & "Star Wars" as regards historical cinema conventions, it was, we were led to believe, a new age in cinema, or so it seemed. As it was, the film went down a treat for the modern cinema going audience, it raked in cash galore and spawned a raft of very inferior sequels, even though ultimately critics of the time were less than impressed. So it makes for something of an interesting experience viewing it again as each decade... read the rest.

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