Love Trilogy Reborn (2020)

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About the film

Love Trilogy Reborn (2020)

Release Date: 09/23/2020 (FR)

Original Language    :    Hebrew
Release Date    :    09/23/2020 (FR)
Genre    :    Drama
Time    :    01 Hours 48 Minutes
Budget    :    -
Revenue    :    -

Movie: Love Trilogy: Reborn (2020)[635634] Avigail is the perfect mother, wife to Rashi, and nurse. She sacrifices herself for everyone, but deep inside she feels alienated and directs her anger against herself. Yael is a wounded daughter, abandoned by her parents, she wants to be the mother of all orphans, neglecting the one who most needs her love, her sister Naama. Abused by her step-father, Naama is now mothering her aging abuser by day and degrading herself as a sex worker by night. Yet there is hope through connections. Naama follows the writing of Alice and feels a bond with her. Avigail and Yael become close. These women can help each other to change, break the cage of their self-destruction and be reborn.

Rating:   IMDb  / 4.5

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